Sailing the seven seas!

This half term Reception have been learning about sinking and floating through Pirates. We asked our children to make a pirate ship, thinking carefully about what materials they were going to use and why. The children and their families worked so hard making their ships and on Friday we set sail.

Most of our ships floated, although we did end up with a couple like the Titanic!
We had a fab morning sailing the seven seas and were able to take away lots of learning from our experiment.


Unfortunately we are unable to have you all in for our interactive phonics workshop. Usually, we would have you in, have a presentation and allow you to engage in phonic activities in the classrooms with your child. Due to the current restrictions and safety measure we are unable to do this.

Please find below a video all about phonics in the link below. We hope this will give you an insight into phonics at Newport Infant and ways you can support at home.

Here is the link to the pure sounds

Here are the tricky words songs

Learning in Reception this Autumn…

It’s Good to be Me!

The children have had great fun settling into school so far.  They started this year with a great focus on themselves. Through the topic ‘It’s Good to be Me’ the children drew themselves and practised writing their name.  They talked about their families and special people in their lives, drawing family trees and comparing people throughout the different stages of life, young and old.  They looked at photographs of themselves as babies and thought about how they had changed over time.

During the first half term we were so pleased to have been able to host a Halloween party and disco in school.  The children had the best time and really enjoyed dancing along to the music!

We also went on our first school trip to Newport Library, following road safety rules.  On our way we looked out for key buildings in Newport that we have discussed in our “Where my feet take me” whole school heritage project.  We spotted the Junior school, the Guildhall and lots of local shops we recognised.  We had a lovely time at the library exploring lots of books and many of us have since joined!


Welcome to Woodpecker Class

Welcome to Woodpecker Class

Here in the nest we are ready to have lots of fun – learning through purposefully planned play.

General Information

PE sessions take place every Wednesday. The children need a PE kit in school with the correct colour house t-shirt. Your child’s PE kit will be returned home at the end of every half term to be washed. Please return PE kits on the first day back to school.

Class Rules

Golden Rules

Please also take a look at our Behaviour Policy for more information about our Golden Rules and behaviour strategy in school.

Links to Online Resources  – A fab phonics site with lots of interactive games  – Access to free books and support to help your child’s reading and writing development  – A fab phonics site with lots of interactive games  – free daily home activities to support your child at home   – Cbeebies Numberblock activities   – Home learning support from White Rose Maths    – Mindfulness and Relaxation through children’s favourite themes    – Get active