Medical Matters

Children attending our school with a medical condition will be supported to participate fully in school life in a safe manner and will access our wider curriculum with support, if necessary, but with a view to developing increasing independence. We pride ourselves on offering adapted provision to support pupils with medical needs and work closely with the family and health professionals to ensure the best offer for the child. There are trained staff in school who can administer long term medication to children. All staff are trained to administer an asthma inhaler and an Epipen Injector Pen.
Inhalers are managed in school by Chris Pierce in line with best practice. They are stored centrally in school in labelled boxes with the child’s name, photo and class on them. All inhaler use is reported to parents and monitored by school. We also have an emergency Salbutamol inhaler pack which is available for all pupils who are on the asthma register to use. This ensures that should an inhaler fail to work, we can still safely administer the medication to a child. Inhalers are taken with children in backpacks when there is a trip off school site. They are signed out by two members of staff to ensure that there are no errors. Auto Injector Pens for Anaphylaxis are stored in the child’s class where they are readily accessible to the adults working with them. We have emergency pens for use should the child’s own device fail to function. They are taken with the child when they leave the school site. We send all medical equipment home at the end of each term for updating and cleaning. We expect this to be returned of the first day of the new term to ensure the continued safety of all our pupils. We do not permit children to carry their medication round with them during the school day. Children who are taking short term medication such as anti-biotics are expected to attend school if they are well enough. Where this medication needs to be administered more than 3 times a day, school are able to give your child one of their doses.