We understand that starting school is a big event in a young child’s life and with this in mind, we work hard to ensure that we offer a comprehensive transition package to support both your child and the family in making the move from pre-school provision to Reception a positive experience. We begin with a meeting for parents which provides all of the essential information about starting school. This is followed by an opportunity to come to school with your child and “stay and play” for the morning and have lunch. This takes place in the Reception base within school and allows you to meet the staff and get a real feel of school life. After this we invite you to come with your child on two afternoons for a story time with the class teacher. On the second occasion you will leave your child in the class and go to the hall for a chat with the headteacher and other professionals linked to school. We then contact your child’s pre-school provider and often arrange to visit. We also visit you and your child at home so that we understand what is important in their life. Finally, we invite your child to spend two half days with us in July so that they get an opportunity to meet their classmates and staff. We invite your child to start school as part of a small group of six children over the first two days of the Autumn Term in September and we then expect them to be in school full time.
We also work hard to make sure that the transition to Key Stage 2 is a positive experience for our children. Most of our pupils go to Newport Junior School after Year 2 and we have a comprehensive package of transition with them which runs across the whole of the year, however, we also support the transition offers for other local Key Stage 2 settings.
In November Newport Junior School invites you and your child to go around for a visit to their school to see the building and meet the staff and pupils. In January Year 2 pupils attend an assembly at the Junior School with staff from the Infant School and during February and March Year 2 staff take the children around once a week for a short session at the end of the day with staff from the Junior School and they are collected from the Junior School playground. We then arrange a shared day out with our Year 2 pupils and the Year 3 pupils from the Junior School at Chetwynd Deer Park which allows the children to rekindle old friendships. Two joint events in the summer term and a two day transition in July ensure that our pupils are very familiar with the staff and their surroundings before starting the school in September.