The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) begins at birth and continues until a child reaches the end of the Reception year. These Foundation years are crucial to enable children to develop into resilient, independent learners who are creative and think critically and thus become school ready; becoming a Ready Eddie learner. Through the Foundation Stage curriculum, we believe children have the right to reach their full potential and be the best that they can be.


Our ethos is that children learn best through active learning; learning through play.  Play helps children to learn and develop through doing and talking, which research has shown to be the means by which young children think. Our Early Years setting is equipped with a wide range in resources across a variety of learning zones that supports the seven areas of the EYFS curriculum. These are skilfully developed and planned for by staff to provide meaningful experiences and create learning opportunities for pupils across an engaging and enhanced environment both inside and out. Adults work alongside children during their play and active learning modelling skills, encouraging independence, giving them chance to rehearse and embed newly acquired knowledge and skills, whilst providing opportunities to scaffold learning, deepen understanding and challenge thinking. Alongside our enabling environment we ensure the children learn through a careful balance of both child led and adult led activities.

A strong over-arching theme drives the learning and provides real life contexts for children to develop skills and knowledge about their world. This theme, along with the children’s interests and needs, is reflected in the environment which is enhanced to create awe and wonder, and to enthuse children to engage in and extend their own learning. There is a clear focus on stories, vocabulary, communication and language – all integral skills that enable learning across all areas. We endeavour to adapt our offer to meet the needs of each cohort, offering additional support and learning opportunities for those who need it, catering for the unique child. We review and reflect our EYFS offer against the seven features of effective practice outlined in the Early Years Statutory Framework (2021).

Our curriculum has been strategically developed to ensure that throughout the year children are developing their knowledge in order to achieve the curriculum outcomes for the end of the year; These are outlined in our curriculum document. The curriculum journey in Reception year builds upon the experiences, knowledge and skills gained during Nursery and also lays building blocks on which knowledge and skills are developed in Year One and Two. The curriculum in Newport Infants is developed with our children in mind, with a focus upon our community.

At Newport Infant School we want to ensure children leave the Foundation Stage ready for the next year ahead. We want them to have a rich vocabulary, deep knowledge of stories and be equipped with the learning attitudes and characteristics that will enable them to become successful learners. We strive to develop readers and writers who are phonically able and independent, mathematicians who have a deep number sense, and learners who have experiences that develop a rich sense of the world around them. We aim to create happy children, who are good citizens and friends, and who truly love to learn.

Our EYFS Policy:


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Our EYFS Curriculum:


A language rich curriculum

Our EYFS Termly curriculum learning maps:

Autumn 1 curriculum map

Autumn 2 curriculum map