Holidays in Term Time

Holidays are not usually authorised during term time at our school, in line with local authority guidelines and other schools in the area. Requests for leave during term time will be discussed with our Education Welfare Officer but will only be authorised under extreme extenuating circumstances. We will liaise with other local schools where there are siblings to ensure that a consistent decision is made in every circumstance. Should you need to take your child out of school for a medical appointment, wedding, funeral, christening etc you will need to present proof of attendance through the appointment letter/text/email or the invitation. We strongly advise you to organise routine dental, vision, hearing tests and doctors appointments outside of school hours so that you do not disrupt your child’s learning but we know that there are times when this is not possible, particularly with hospital appointments, which will always be authorised.

If you wish to request leave during term time please complete the form found via this link: Forms