Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator is Mrs Emma Heeley.

At Newport Infant School we are extremely proud of our inclusive, multi-sensory approach. We hold all our children in high regard and work together to ensure they are well cared for, safe, healthy, well educated and enjoy life. We aim to deliver a SEND offer that meets the needs of all children with a Special Educational Need and allows them to reach their potential.
School staff regularly assess, review and monitor all children’s progress. Children whose progress is of concern will be identified for additional support through planned Interventions. They will be supported in accessing the full curriculum. This may be by removing barriers to their learning, providing specific equipment to improve their access to the curriculum, ensuring teaching and support staff are trained to meet their needs, and/or identifying a level of adult support considered appropriate to support their additional needs and ensure progress is being made at an acceptable rate. Advice and support are gained from External Agencies where appropriate.
Further information on SEND in our school can be found in the following documents:

SEN Information Report 2020-21 With images


Accessibility Policy and Plan Nov 2021

Telford and Wrekin’s published local offer can provide more information and can be found following the link below.