At Newport Infant School, we believe we have a fabulous curriculum offer for our pupils. We have a broad and balanced curriculum that is carefully planned and delivered through a cross curricular offer and driven by vibrant and exciting themes that give clear and inspiring contexts for learning. ‘Ready Eddie’ is our own superhero for learning and helps children understand and build their own learning power. This also supports our ethos ‘Working together to be the best that we can be’.

We use a range of first hand experiences, good quality literature and educational visits and experiences to stimulate our pupils and provide them with meaningful learning opportunities that motivate them as learners.

Our planning ensures that learning takes place across different curriculum areas allowing children to make links in their knowledge and to deepen their understanding of key concepts by using and applying their learning.

Coordinated long term planning in all subject areas ensures that there is progression of skills across the three years. We offer opportunities to revisit and deepen learning through a range of relevant contexts which support our pupils in building their knowledge and understanding of their world.

In our medium and short term planning, key literacy and numeracy skills are developed through the work in many foundation subjects which give purpose to writing, reading and mathematical tasks and activities. The year group teams work closely to offer parity across the classes and their collaboration ensures the best offer for every pupil. The multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning offered across school engages all pupils, supporting those with additional needs or barriers to their learning and providing challenge for our most able pupils.

Our classroom environments are exciting, engaging and relevant to the termly theme. They contain artefacts, books and posters that stimulate pupils and promote enquiry, awe and wonder. Whilst we also try to use the outdoor areas as a stimulus or as an extended part of the classrooms.

Interwoven into our termly curriculum plans are opportunities to promote SMSC links, heritage work, links to the community and the local junior school, and we also try to incorporate a whole school termly project. Some of this work is highlighted in our ’50 Things to Achieve at Newport Infants’ booklets, which children complete over the three years they are with us.

We feel passionate about children valuing and understanding their local area, and so each year group has a different focus linked to our Heritage Project ‘Where my feet take me….’ which they develop over the year. ‘Magnificent Me’ is another important aspect of our school which supports the children to know how to keep safe and is embedded in all we do.


Our Early Years offer is based on a high scope approach and is driven through clear topics and relevant and exciting contexts for learning.

Our Early Years setting is equipped with a wide range in resources across a variety of learning zones that supports the areas of the EYFS curriculum. These are skilfully developed and planned for by staff to provide meaningful experiences and create learning opportunities for pupils across an engaging and enhanced environment.
A strong over-arching theme drives the learning and provides real life contexts for children to develop skills and knowledge about their world. This theme, along with the children’s interests and needs, is reflected in the environment which is enhanced to create awe and wonder, and to enthuse children to engage in and extend their own learning. There is a clear focus on communication, language, physical development, and literacy, mathematics and personal and social education.

Planning supports a range of teacher led and child led activities which supports and scaffolds learning, building independence, resilience and a thirst for knowledge. Staff use high quality questioning to deepen understanding and promote curiosity in pupils to promote learning.

A shared outdoor area offers a range of activities and opportunities for children to take their learning into a different environment. The outdoor area is planned by staff to offer opportunities for children to access all areas of the Early Years curriculum and to apply their skills and knowledge within the context of their learning.

Staff use a range of methods to collect information about pupil progress including post-it observations, 2simple software, photographs and information given to school by parents evidencing “wow moments” witnessed outside school. These are all recorded in a Learning Journey that reflects upon the child’s unique skills and learning experience, and enable the staff to thoroughly plan for the next steps and needs for each individual child. Parent workshops take place regularly across the year; Parent partnership is an integral part of the curriculum offer at our school and it supports our pupils to understand that learning is everywhere and in everything that they do.