Pupil Voice

School Council

Our School Council is made up of 6 children from each year group, who have all been elected by their classmates. At least half termly the children meet with Mrs Robson to discuss key issues in school, gather ideas from their classes as well as working on specific projects. For instance, the school council always plan the sponsored event in the spring term, and also liaise with our cooks, to make amendments to the school lunch menu offered or plan special themed lunch days.

We are very proud of the way our children listen to each other and value all opinions.

Safety Crew

Our Safety Crew is made up of a group of Year 2 children who use our superhero of safety, “Super Sue” to help everyone to understand how to keep themselves safe at school. They meet regularly with Mrs Pierce to discuss key aspects of keeping safe and any issues that are arising. There is a safety champion for each class who makes sure that all children have the information that they need to stay safe.

Eco Committee

The Eco Committee meet with Miss Hodgkinson to discuss ways in which we can be environmentally friendly at school and to develop our school site so that it is a sustainable and eco friendly setting.

Playground Pals

We have a group of Year 2 pupils who are our Playground Pals. They are trained to support other children at playtime and lunchtime by offering to play alongside them, organise games and look after any playground equipment that is being used. They are around to help anyone who cannot find a friend to play with and take pride in helping to make our playground a safe and happy place to be.