Celebrating our love of books during World Book Week

We celebrated World book day 2023, not just on one day but for a whole week! We started the week with a delivery of books, and it turned out they were our teachers favourites. Each class did lots of work about the book and enjoyed dressing up on Friday as their favourite book characters.

Miss Whitehouse as The Highway Rat

Staff in a range of costumes.

Enjoying the parade!

Miss Donald from The Scarecrow’s Wedding

Brody as Billionaire Boy Miss Bibi dressed as a chocolate cake from her favourite book ‘Chocolate Cake’. Miss Rowland as Percy the Park Keeper.

One of our favourites, Funnybones!  

Room on a broom, A Squash and a Squeeze and Super Happy Magic Forest.

Isla as Little Miss Giggles and Ruari as Harry Potter.

What a lot of fabulous costumes!!

Miss Goddard as ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and Miss Newey as the Mad Hatter.

Miss Talbot-Parker disguised as another fish from The Rainbow Fish story, and Mrs Heyes as Plop the Owl who was afraid of the dark.

What a marvellous celebration we had!

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By Emma Heeley

Head Teacher